TTTF Mission & Story

Using music and the arts to inspire hope, This Time Tomorrow provides financial support to individual families and organizations focused on cancer research, education or advocacy. It is our goal to help those affected today reach the tomorrow they deserve.

In 2001

In 2001, Dick Ticcioni and Cory Zimmermann worked together at an advertising agency when Dick was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer following a hernia examination.

Though Dick remained positive, Cory was devastated that he couldn’t do more to help him through his difficult time. It was the bitterest inspiration he's ever received, but it gave him an idea for a song, which he recorded that night in his home studio despite a 102-degree fever. Cory would become the first of many motivated and inspired by Dick’s courage.

The lyrics, much like Dick’s struggle, began as an open-ended question: “Will I be here?” But thanks to the support of LLS, friends, family and an aggressive chemotherapy campaign, the end of the song was rewritten as Lymphoma’s uncertainty was trumped by a definitive statement of life: “The future’s here.“ Dick’s cancer went into remission after 93 days. He had won the battle, and more than 10 years later, he continues to win the battle.

“This Time Tomorrow” took on a life of its own. We made a music video, released the song as a CD single and took the song on tour, telling Dick’s story and donating the money we raised to LLS. Without fail, each time would touch someone new. Everyone knows someone who has dealt with cancer—a mother, father, brother, sister, loved one or friend. A lot of them had stories that they wanted to share. Some just wanted to say “Thanks.”


More than a decade later TTT continues to inspire people. Now with 5 versions of the song, compilation CD's, music videos, annual concerts and events TTTF has taken on a life of it's own. Inspiring people not only in Wisconsin, but now around the world. The 5 songs have been download in 52 countries and the music videos have won dozens of nation awards.